Our aim is to ensure that nutritious, affordable, local, sustainably produced food is available for everyone in Devon. We support the development of a localised, sustainable food system and seek to tackle the issues of food poverty, diet-related ill health, food waste and unsustainable farming practices. Our focus is on achieving strategic step change across the county.

In 2021, the members of the Devon Food Partnership wrote this vision statement with the aim of promoting strategic, whole system change across the county’s food and farming sector to ensure healthy, sustainable, and affordable food is accessible to all.

In February 2023, we launched Devon’s Good Food Strategy 2023-2028. Structured around the SFP’s six key themes and written in consultation with our steering group members, this document identifies the most pressing strategic priorities for Devon’s food system. Our hope is that this will help guide and inspire action by stakeholders around the county.


  • Balanced, seeking a range of interests and viewpoints to represent the complexity of the sector
  • Transparent, trustworthy and accountable, with clear decision-making procedures
  • Generously sharing knowledge, information, experience and skills
  • Responsive and approachable, listening to our communities and communicating clearly
  • Forward-thinking, positive and optimistic about the potential to create a better future
  • Celebrating progress and successes
  • Innovative and action-oriented
  • Behaving with integrity and declaring and managing any conflicts of interest and loyalty
  • Acting with objectivity and fairness


  • Taking a whole system approach, understanding how the many different parts inter-link
  • Recognising, valuing and integrating the multiple different viewpoints and cultures of the organisations and communities we represent, to generate a collective approach that works best for Devon.
  • Welcoming and seeking out diversity in the geographic communities and communities of practice and shared experience relevant to our work
  • Adopting an evidence-based approach and seeking to fill gaps in our understanding wherever possible.
  • Intervening at the appropriate level to complement the work of existing and proposed programmes and initiatives
  • Willing to act with agility and adopt new approaches at pace to achieve our aims
  • Connecting people, organisations and activities to maximise the benefits of collaboration