Food Insecurity Hub

Logos of all the organisations involved in the Devon Food Insecurity Hub project

In August 2022, the Devon, Plymouth and Torbay Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Assembly contracted Devon Community Foundation (DCF) to develop a specialist hub around Food Insecurity to bring together insight, intelligence, innovation and lived experience.

DCF worked with a range of partners to pilot a set of inter-related, small-scale research projects. The objective was to delve deeper into the complex issues facing people in food insecurity. By building on this evidence base, the Food Insecurity Hub aimed to propose models for collective cross-sectoral working focused on tackling food insecurity in the county. In addition to the VCSE Assembly investment, further funding was secured from DCF. Alongside this, Devon County Council commissioned a larger qualitative research project to explore the experience of food insecurity from a qualitative perspective in more detail. In total, six projects were agreed. Research took place between September 2022 and April 2023.

Summaries of each of the research projects can be read below, as well as more detailed information in the.Devon Food Insecurity Hub Report.

We brought together the insight from these projects at the first Devon Food Insecurity Summit in May 2023 at the University of Exeter. As co-hosts, DCF and the DFP invited nearly 50 participants, including researchers, local authorities, and VCSE organisations. The day featured opportunities for cross-sectoral discussions, with the aim of finding collective ways to address an increasingly pressing issue. Some of our participants’ feedback can be seen in the video below.

To build on the momentum from the summit, the Devon Food Partnership has worked with Devon Community Foundation to establish a Devon Food Insecurity Working Group. This group will bring together organisations and individuals with a strategic interest in both tackling and preventing food insecurity to focus on actions and next steps.

Research Projects

Read a brief summary of each of the Food Insecurity Hub’s research projects below. More detailed information can be found in the final Devon Food Insecurity Hub Report.

In addition to the initial Hub projects, Devon Community Foundation has since undertaken the Food for Thought project, focusing on food insecurity in North Devon, as well as producing The Face of Food Insecurity in Devon: A Qualitative Study.