Food and Climate Action Day

This September, Devon Food Partnership joined forces with the Devon Climate Emergency and Sustainable Food Places to celebrate Food and Climate Action Day!

Sustainable food is vital to tackling the climate emergency, as how food is produced and what we eat has a significant impact on our personal carbon footprint. The “Food, Land and Sea” section of the Devon Carbon Plan outlines the need to produce food sustainably, and to reduce the carbon footprint of the food supply chain in the Southwest.

For Food and Climate Action Day, Devon Food Partnership teamed up with the Devon Climate Emergency team to run a special edition of their #togetherforDevon campaign, inviting people to share their sustainable food stories with us via social media.

We had some great submissions, including tips around reducing food waste (make space in your fridge for food that needs using first!) and making sustainable switches (having non-dairy milk one day/week!).

It was great to see so many other organisations involved, and a special thanks goes to the team at Devon Climate Emergency for working with Devon Food Partnership and championing sustainable food as part of this campaign.