House of Lords Horticulture Select Committee Calls for Evidence

The House of Lords Horticulture Sector Select Committee have launched an inquiry into the future of horticulture in the UK. The Inquiry will consider the challenges, opportunities, and risks faced by the sector.

As part of the Inquiry, the Committee is inviting the public – particularly those who work in the industry – to provide their views on the following issues:

  • The impact of climate change on the sector, and how it can be mitigated
  • Skills and recruitment challenges
  • Funding for science, research and development
  • Benefits and challenges of implementing technological developments
  • Resources and guidance available to organisations to help them to implement new technology and reduce their environmental impact
  • The impact of trade on businesses, the environment and bio- and phytosanitary issues
  • Lessons learned from horticultural policy and best practice
  • The effectiveness of Government planning and policymaking
  • The impact of recent legislation on the sector
  • Horticulture’s contribution to mental and physical health

The deadline for submissions is midday on Monday 10 April.

Information about the Committee, the Inquiry, and the call for evidence can be found on the UK Parliament Committees website.