Funding from Soil Association to Bring Communities Together Through Food

The Soil Association has announced that not-for-profit organisations in the UK can apply for small grants of £150 to take part in Cook and Share Month, running from World Food Day 16th October – 16 November 2021.

The Devon Food Partnership (DFP) would like to support and encourage communities to access opportunities to engage with food work in the county, and the DFP sees this as a great opportunity for some of Devon’s local community and voluntary organisations to come together and take action.

The aim of these events is to use the power of good food to connect people of all ages and from different backgrounds to get more people eating healthily, strengthen communities and reduce experience of loneliness and social isolation.

The fund is open to not for profit organisations that have their own bank account.

Grants can be used for event costs and equipment such as transport, marketing, food, induction hobs, fridges, durable gardening tools etc.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on 8th September 2021.

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