Join the Sustainable Food Places Day of Food & Climate Action!

On Wednesday 29th September, Sustainable Food Places Network (SFP) members are joining a food and climate day of celebration and action in the run up to COP26.

COP26 is just around the corner, when a lot of attention will be on the climate change negotiations. Devon have declared a Climate Emergency, and the Devon Food Partnership is keen to celebrate the local work already taking place on this day of action.

Tell us what your organisation or community is doing for food and climate action on and around 29th September, by using the hashtags #togetherforDevon and #foodandclimate on social media!

Please also tag @devonclimate on twitter and @devonclimateemergency on Instagram

Example Posts:

For organisations taking part in #lowcarbonlunch:

“What are you having for lunch?  

Here at [organisation name] we are serving up a #lowcarbonlunch with Devon Food Partnership and @FoodPlacesUK on September 29th, to celebrate sustainable food choices!
Producing [Promoting/Celebrating/Championing] nutritious, high-quality [locally sourced/organic/low-carbon/zero-waste] food is a vital part of our work, and a vital part of tackling the #climateemergency.  

Why not share your favourite low-carbon recipe with us? Use #togetherfordevon #foodandclimate to share your ideas!

#togetherforDevon  #foodandclimate

For organisations celebrating the day:

‘Here at [organisation name] we are/ [Organisation name] is celebrating sustainable food choices with the Devon Food Partnership, as part of @FoodPlacesUK’s #foodandclimate day! 

Sustainable food is a vital part of combatting the #climateemergency, and we are dedicated to Producing [promoting/celebrating/championing] nutritious, high-quality [locally sourced/organic/low-carbon/zero-waste] food. 

Why not share your favourite low-carbon recipe? Use the #togetherfordevon #foodandclimate to share your ideas!

#togetherforDevon  #foodandclimate  #food4planet

Globally, food systems account for 21-37% of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and are at the heart of many of the world’s major challenges today including biodiversity loss and enduring hunger and malnutrition, therefore improving our food system and the way we eat could be key to tackling other key climate issues.

Find out more about SFP’s day of action on the Sustainable Food Places webpages.