The Government has written junk food advertising restrictions into law

The 9pm TV watershed and total online restriction for advertising high fat, salt and/or sugar products (HFSS) has been written into UK law today. The policies, which form part of the 2022 Health and Care Act, received Royal Assent and are due to come into effect on 1 January 2023.

The measures stem from a government-run public consultation on the introduction of a 9pm TV watershed and equivalent restrictions online from March to June 2019. When evidence of increased risk of adverse outcomes from Covid-19 infection for those living with obesity emerged, the Prime Minister launched a new obesity strategy in July 2020, including a 9pm TV watershed.

74% of the UK public supported the idea of a TV watershed and online ban on less healthy food and drink marketing, according to the Obesity Health Alliance. 9 in 10 parents taking part in Children’s Food Campaign’s Parents’ Jury backed a TV watershed on junk food marketing.